CalETC is a non-profit association promoting economic growth, clean air, fuel diversity and energy independence, and combating climate change through the use of electric transportation. CalETC is committed to the successful introduction and large-scale deployment of all forms of electric transportation including plug-in electric vehicles, transit buses, port electrification, off-road electric vehicles and equipment, and rail.

Our Members Say

"CalETC is very effective at working with members of the legislature and the regulatory agencies to represent the mutual interests of its members. As the world of electric transportation is expanding rapidly we at SMUD value the dedication of the CalETC team to promoting electric transportation in a manner that can ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of our grid." -Bill Boyce, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

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CalETC Events & Press

New Release! Evaluation of the Grid Benefits of Commercial Electric Technologies (January 2016)
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API Golden Electric Future Event 05/27/2015, The Presidio, San Francisco
Betty Yee, Fiona Ma, Phil Ting and Das Williams receive Green Megaphone Award
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LGBT Goes Electric
Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria to Receive Inaugural Drive Electric “Green Megaphone” Awards.
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More than 100 LGBT Leaders to
Gather to Celebrate Growing Electric
Vehicle Marketplace.
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